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Why Boxing has Given Us a Bad Taste, but We Still Want It?

It was once seen as barely organized mayhem, but then it transpired as a sport of courage, of triumph and sweet science as they call it. I believe the sport of boxing does have a its own set of virtues that makes it relatable to the American Values we all share. Overcoming adversity, fighting for something (it's like a great metaphor) and to be the greatest you can be with training/ hard work/ determination. So, yeah, Boxing has been a big part of American Culture as we know it, but want I want to focus on is how it became more and more discredited by either scandals, mob influences or promoters doing dirty business. In a way, Boxing is fighting its own battle against dirty business over at least a century now. It's lost fans interest and enthusiasm as scandal after scandal has discredited Boxing from being a reputable sport. With MMA rising over the past decade, I wonder where this leaves the future of Boxing? It's always been very exploitable, especially with no over arching governing body and many entities (both foreign and domestic) ruling the sport with different champs and different rules. It's no wonder why the average fan might be mislead by falsified records or falsified rankings to better promote a fight, why we lost interest with little to none competing opponents that we know nothing about or why certain fights were fixed because of paid off judges, refs, or even fighters. We have come to be fed up with the filth of dirty business behind Boxing, not the sport itself, just the dirty business.

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