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Hello and Goodnight


I just put on a record and decided to update my blog since it's been a little while since my last post. For those who listened to my podcast and actually liked it, thank you! I appreciate your support and it means a lot. I don't know when I'll do another one, I'd rather not promise anything you know... I'll just do it when the timing is right. So for those who don't really know me... but have heard the podcast, after my last episode, I've been focused on getting in shape and trying to meet someone. So, I did meet someone who was really cool and we had nice dates I think. It was semi-difficult in a shutdown to plan something, but we made the best of it. Anyways, I don't know where things are at now, but that's ok, I can't expect things will just work first go around I guess. You know...the feeling has to be mutual. So I just turned 33 last Monday, I've been spending time with my good friend who owns a barbershop and we have been having good talks about life and relationships as he goes through his ups and downs too. That's one thing I'm fortunate to have... good solid buddies who will always be there no matter what... even if we haven't hung for a while, it's like we never left. I don't want to have a lot of friends, I just want solid ones. I also went through some heartbreak this past week with my Uncle passing away due to heart problems. I was torn apart by this news late at night and couldn't sleep. I had to work the next day and it was challenging to say the least. I still can't believe he is not here with us... I spent New Years with him at my Aunt and Uncles house.... we made a bonfire in the back yard and were telling jokes, singing old church songs I used to sing back when I did worship at my dad's church and we said testimonies of what we were thankful for. Looking back at that now, I'm thankful we spent that night with him. Idk, right now, I feel in a funk... I look at facebook ...Instagram... Tiktok... Snap... and I just don't care for any of it... nothing interests me on there right now other than memes maybe lol. I love good funny memes, but other than seems so boring. Is it just me? Also, I'm so over all this political stuff right now... like I don't care... lol... I know I'm Mr. Deep End and everything, but like ... I guess it's so talked about right now... I'm just not interested anymore.. I like things people aren't talking about and I feel like everything is just so trendy right now... Also, I get so much hate on my Youtube channel for trying to unravel some truth about Qanon and J.Epstein and Bill Gates, Clinton...yada yada... it's not really the most motivating thing lol... After all my research people are like, "you don't know what you are talking about, why don't you research first.. before you start..." I always sigh at that kind of remark ... I don't know if it's trolling or what lol. I have picked up a new hobby of collecting things now though... that brings me some happiness... I collect, Vinyl, Comics, Cards and Figurines ... Mostly DC, Marvel, Star Wars stuff... When I do the podcast again with video, I'll show you guys if you care to see. So let me just wrap this post up by saying... be true to yourself always. I see things on social media and realize, people don't post what's really going on, just all the good stuff, but that's not real. Life has it's ups and downs too.. everybody goes through stuff.... not everyone wears it on their sleeve though. If this year started off with heartbreak either from brokenness or loss... don't worry because worrying ain't gonna do a damn thing. The best thing you can do is stay busy .... get rest... eat right.. get your exercise in... smile and keep the optimism in your eyes. That's the best advise I can give for you and myself. Hello and Goodnight.

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