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Big Tech Shuts Down Trump and Conspiracy Theorist Accounts

I've been thinking of what the next Deep End episode should be about... there are a lot of good choices to pick from. Also, so much as happened since my last episode. I was listening to a podcast earlier today on my drive home and they were talking about what banning someone like Trump from accross platforms could mean in the long run. I think that is such an interesting topic to talk about because on one hand, yeah, these Qanon forums and accounts are dangerous as proven with "the storm the capitol fiasco", but on the other, we see how much power Mark Zuckerberg and all these other big tech firms have with silencing people... What effects will this have to communication and censorship in the future? I think this is a good topic to deep dive on.

Btw, thanks for subbing to this page. I've been getting a lot of subscribers on the website which I think is cool. Please feel free to send me an email about your thoughts on things going on or tips on something to talk about that's interesting. I will take all leads. Trust me.

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