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So this is my third day in a row blogging. Today I had to go into work and it was pretty chill seeing some of the peoples I work with again, but it was still very busy. We talked about 9/11 and where we were at at the time. I worked from 8am to 6pm putting in work. After that, I drove home listening to fantasy footballers podcast since it helps me in my fantasy football league I'm in. Today I'm watching my niece and nephew. They've been waiting for me to get back so I could play with them. I was tired, but I knew it was Friday so I was still down to play. They were drawing, running around and wanting to eat... it's tiring trying to keep up with these ones. Finally though, lights out and time for sleep, but before that, my nephew asked if I could pray... so I did and then they fell asleep.


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