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What I've Learned and Gone Through in 2021

Discipline and consistency - I've always try to grapple with these all throughout my life. I've had stretches where I've been very discipline or very consistent, but I would be lying if I didn't say I've struggled with it for the majority of my life. The thing I've learned is that life ain't over, there is still so much to learn & experience. This year, has been crazy for me... yet, in the midst of this, I've grown at work as a leader, I'm more in control of my health and I've come closer to God. It is because of the road blocks that I've had to break though. It is because of the fire that I am being purified I think. That is how I see these hurdles in my life, they are opportunities to grow and to step up. On the podcast, I've always made known my belief in God, but I still wasn't really living that life. I've come to the a certain maturity fire now... where I am not religious, but I'm just a real practicing Christian again. All this, while I still make my quest to the deep end of the most mysterious things known to man.

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