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Social Distancing leads to Social Networking

Today, I wanted to focus on making sure The Deep End is on all necessary platforms for the best exposure. First one in mind, was Twitter... I'm a bit late to game here, but better late than never.

Gary V gave me the idea of creating a Linkedin page for the podcast. I thought that would be interesting and it would makes sense because I do sometimes talk about business and tech.

I'm not so familiar with using Tumblr, but it seems like a pretty cool way to express yourself and it has different modes of communication with the blogging community. So, I'm going to give that try.

TikTok seems like a pretty cool way to produce some content for the podcast. Looking forward to ways I can think outside the box with this platform.

The last part will now require me to work at creating content within each platform consistently so it will improve the chances of the shows reach when a new episode is dropped.


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