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Although movement towards growth still appears slow, there is one milestone I can appreciate, and that's my introduction to TikTok! I've never used it until now... and using it, makes movement seems much more fluid. Like, my views on these short little clips sky rocketed quick, but I'm not sure if that's just normal because I know TikTok is a viral platform. Either way, I'm just glad I got pieces of the show on there. When I was recording, I was already thinking in my head that I would need to put a video out with me speaking over these pictures otherwise no ones was going to listen to it and/or those who would may be lost. So it was very organic the way it happened. I just grabbed all those photos and tossed them into Premier. I realize, the podcast gets more listens when there is engaging imagery put to it... So I may have to continue putting this type of content out. It takes time though, but It's worth the time if you get your content out there.

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