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Life Categories - On One Late Night

So I was going to blog about the podcast, but I think, I'll talk about something else... I'll list some categories in life and just say where I'm at on it.


I'm happy with work right now. I work part time at a national retail chain and I'm just grateful that we are still able to function and that I don't have to change jobs right at this moment. My boss is very cool, understanding, fun and funny so I kind of lucked out there.


I'm a little bummed out tbh with my cousins because we had somewhat of a disagreement that didn't end too well and I don't know... I think as we grew older, we disconnected and we are all in our own worlds.. I think that happens with everyone having their own lives now and taking care of them, but idk, I just have to pray on it. I never want to have bad blood with cousins and I think we can sometimes have a disconnect that can be solved by communicating better.


I haven't been to actual church in a long time since COVID. I go to this local church by my house, but it's been a long time since we've last went and I'm pretty sure their at least doing patio services on their campus now. I've been watching church TV on Sunday mornings right now and although it is very cool to be mobile, it's very different and I miss the physical interactions.

Love Interest

I don't tell.. haha no, but right now, just still single and living. haha


All my fiends have been doing their things. One friend of mine opened his own barber shop, another, just had another baby... my other homie, just moved into a new place... Mark just came back from a trip to FL.... they have all been doing their thing and yet, we still all keep in touch and it's like we never fell out. That's the cool part.

Alright, well, it's late right now.. and I didn't think I would be tired by this point, but I am haha... so thanks for the read. Hope you guys have a good night too!

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