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What is The Deep End?

The Deep End is finding the meaning within the context of the events that present themselves in our every day world. I try hard to look at what can we learn from these experiences and how we can we make sense of them. I am not a teacher or historian, just a curious mind that is willing to deep dive into any world. Typically, I start every episode with a current event in the news and we slowly work our way into deeper topics such as politics (just to understand what's going on in politics)... then whatever pop culture phenomenon that's going on at the time... followed by a new innovation in technology to what's happening in our economy currently. Then the last topic will be of my choice and sometimes I try to tie everything together. It could really be about anything. Some subjects I've done were the Moon landing, The Big One (How Earthquakes happen?), Kobe, Why we age?, Big Foot, Kobe, Tiger Woods winning the Masters and those are just a few as example. 



So this is my third day in a row blogging. Today I had to go into work and it was pretty chill seeing some of the peoples I work with...