What is The Deep End?

The Deep End is ran by myself, Isaiah Martinez, and I've been doing many projects all my life... I was a rapper, a musician, a singer, a wanna be actor, a movie producer, a beat maker, an impersonator, and I could go on...,but now... I've discovered PODCASTING..... So I've found that doing this incorporates everything I've ever loved doing..... I love getting to the bottom of stuff and knowing for myself what is the truth that's hidden in all these lies we hear. Sometimes I get the answer and sometimes, I'm left in wonder. If you want to know what led to me starting the show, you can read more on the bio page, but basically, I'm here to learn and share with my audience what I've discovered and I want to explain stuff fairly and with no biases. Noting (I am a republican), but I would categorize myself as a very fair republican. Meaning, I consider both sides of the aisle and rather than put any spin to anything, I care much more about what's happening and why? I'm fascinated with how fast things are escalating and so another reason I do this is to document things as they go down in history. It's like my personal journal. This show is like a time capsule of real events happening and being explained in the moment, but at the same time, it's a history lesson of things that have happened before us. So as you might be able to tell, I'm not your typical podcaster... Thank you for listening and for your support!


Hello and Goodnight

Hello, I just put on a record and decided to update my blog since it's been a little while since my last post. For those who listened to ...

In my feels

Sorry whoever is reading in this. I'm in my feels lol. Someday I hope to get over the mountain top. Someday I pray I see what God has in ...


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